Mesrob Mashtots’ Trinitarian Prayer

Mesrop Mashtots was a monk that created the Armenian alphabet in A.D. 405, so that Armenians can read the Bible and worship God in their own language. The invention of the alphabet ushered in an intellectual renaissance that anchored Armenian culture in Christianity. Below is a Trinitarian hymn that Mesrop wrote that focuses on the economic justice theme found in the Gospel of Luke. 

Christ, God of gods, have mercy on me. In iniquity did my mother give birth to me. I beg you, Savior, have mercy on me.

Wounded in sin, I fall down before you, Savior. Do not overlook me. Have mercy on me. 

Sighing, the tax-collector received forgiveness in the temple. In his very words I too call out, “have mercy on me, God” (Luke 18:9-14).

The thief cried upon the cross: “Remember me, Lord.” In his very words I too call out, “Have mercy on me, God” (Luke 23:39-43).

Pleading, the prodigal son begged you, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you.” in his very words I too call out, “Have mercy on me, God” (Luke 15:11-32).

With the poor, Lord, grant us sobriety, by the example of Lazarus, so that in voluntary poverty we might be worthy with him of the kingdom of heaven. Hear us and have mercy on us, Christ God.

In the place of bread of deprivation, you granted him the bread of immortality. And contrary to the uncompassionate rich man, you received Lazarus into the Bosom of Abraham. Hear us and have mercy on us, Christ God (Luke 16:19-31).

Enlighten the eyes of our heart so we may receive the mercy that comes from you, Lord of mercy, lest like the rich man in the fiery furnace, we ask to be refreshed with a fingertip of water. Hear us and have mercy on us, Christ God together with the wakeful ones in heaven, glorify the almighty Father, God who has no beginning!

With angelic voice, glorify the Only-begotten Son, begotten of the Father! And with joyous sounds, glorify the Holy Spirit, the Restorer, with unceasing voice!

God without beginning and heavenly king, glorified by the immortal heavenly hosts, we bless you, O Father without beginning. You humbled yourself from the heights for our salvation, O Liberator of bonds and Healer of our souls. We praise you, Only-begotten Son. Consubstantial with the Father and glorified with the only-begotten, distributor of gifts and bestower of mercy, You we glorify, true Holy Spirit.

O Wisdom of the Father, who shined the divine light of your Word upon the darkness of ignorance enclosing the world, enlighten us also. You signified in the rich man and Lazarus an example of the universal judgement by handling them the contrary fates they received. And so we shall ask you, Lord, to save us from the fire of sin and suffering, that we might rest in the bosom of the righteous patriarch.

With him, we too join the voice of the choirs of angels singing glory in the highest to the indivisible Holy Trinity!

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