Raise Three Fingers for Your Faith!

Jensine Oerts Peters was a Danish missionary who spent her life serving the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Below is her account of the martyrdom of the men from Malatya, during the Hamidian Massacres in 1896.

“Forty-six men were lined up against the wall, their tormentors, armed to the teeth, facing them. They were given the alternative of raising one finger, signifying one God and Mohammed, His one prophet, to save their lives. Not a hand stirred as they stood facing death. Then they were asked to raise three fingers for their faith in the triune God, which would mean death. This time the hands came up with the three fingers. This done, they were led to the waiting block, and in less than thirty minutes all were decapitated, their bodies heaped up in a corner of the courtyard, and their spirits were in the presence of the Lord forever safe from their enemies.”

Jensine’s memoir about her work with the Armenians can be found online right here: Tests and Triumphs of Armenians in Turkey and Macedonia. 


  1. Jensine Oerts Peters lifes work can be found at ANI museum in Washington DC. She served the Armenians of Turkey from 1904 for the next 40 years.

    Carla Brachais 909-278-1696 if you have questions or information concerning Jensine Oerts Peters.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this book. I came to know it when I received a trunk full of her personal documents, letters, original photographs, her entire lifes work. This is all now preserved at the Armenian National Institute. I can be reached at 909-278-1696 and happy to discuss Jensine and her work as learned through the thousands of hours necessary to read it all.

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