4 Reasons Why The Armenian Genocide Needs To Be Recognized

During World War I, the Ottoman Government planned the annihilation of Armenians. For the past 100 years, many Turks deny that Genocide took place. Here are four reasons why deniers needs to wake up to the facts and recognize the Armenian Genocide:

1) Historians Have Confirmed It as Genocide

Any politician who says we need to have the historians decide on this issue is a liar. The overwhelming majority of historians around the world have concluded that the Armenian Genocide is in fact genocide. The evidence is insurmountable: mass grave sites, ruins of churches and schools, countless eyewitness accounts, and all the stories of survival from the Armenian Diaspora all point to genocide.

2) Denying History Endorses Genocide

In justification for his crimes, Hitler said, “Who after all speaks today of the Armenians?”  Not to speak out against genocide allows others to think they can get away with atrocity. Sadly, other genocides followed. The international community needs to condemn the evil of genocide when it happens in order to prevent it from occurring again.

3) Denial Continues the Act of Genocide

To pretend and cover up the crime allows for the injustice to remain. According to the Genocide Watch’s “Eight Stages of Genocide,” the final stage is when the perpetrators deny that they committed any crime. Acknowledging the Armenian Genocide stops its perpetuation.

4) For Reconciliation between Turks and Armenians

For reconciliation, the crime of genocide must be acknowledged by Turks and Armenians need to be willing to forgive. Reconciliation will bring healing for the two nations, stability in the region, promote democracy, and will bring mutual economic growth. However, reconciliation is impossible if denial continues.

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